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Harvesting The Newest Trends with Boxycharm

The harvest season is in full effect! Everywhere I go I see fall colors in the trees, fall foods and pumpkin inspired goodies, fall scents of cinnamon and spice, and of course fall beauty! It can be hard to keep up with it all, let alone expensive. I have an easy solution for you! I used to shop all the new releases, even if … Read More Harvesting The Newest Trends with Boxycharm

Busy Makeup Mom’s 5 Minute Routine

There is a reason the name of this blog is “The Cosmeholic”. I am addicted to cosmetics and all things beauty, but, I am also a mom. Being a mom is a full time job on top of being a full time content creator and often both lines of work overlap. So when it comes to timing, every second counts. If you’re wondering, can … Read More Busy Makeup Mom’s 5 Minute Routine

Fall 2020 – What’s New, Upgrades, Changes, and What I’m Tossing

I can write love songs and poetry about how much I love summer. How it feels like a breakup every time the season ends. I could run your ear off telling you how much I hate colder weather and snow. BUT! Fall, holds a special place in my heart. Its a beautiful season. It has charm, it has soul, it is the only season … Read More Fall 2020 – What’s New, Upgrades, Changes, and What I’m Tossing

The History of Boxycharm

Around 2012, Subscription boxes exploded in popularity. Food subs, fashion subs, fitness subs, lifestyle subs, and of course beauty subs! Many subscriptions though, are no new thing. As far back as the 70s there were fruit of the month clubs and meat clubs. Every month you’d get one item, or an assortment of items of what was in season. Not much has changed! Boxycharm … Read More The History of Boxycharm

20 Years of Glow

When I was younger, I had this perfect type of skin. I didn’t need foundation, primer, skincare, nothing. I would wake up in the morning, put on some shadow and mascara and that was it. Now, its a 12 step skincare routine before I even get to bed- thats if I want to even have dreams of flawless skin. We don’t always know or … Read More 20 Years of Glow

Getting Stoned

Your outlook on the world, its origins, and even the afterlife say a lot about you. Do you follow a carefully created plan or do you let the universe guide you? Do you believe in energy work? Spirituality? Are you more rooted in realism, science, and logic? Wherever you fall on that spectrum can make you negative, positive, neutral, or realist. I fall somewhere … Read More Getting Stoned

Fall Makeup Trends 2020 – Jewel Tone Shadows

You know it’s officially fall when Starbucks brings back its PSL, you feel that soft cool breeze blow by, and suddenly that 9pm sunset is at 6. It’s the time of year when we get cozy. We pull out our favorite sweaters, our cozy scarves, and even switch up our beauty routines! Jewel tones are perfect for fall eye looks. Pops of emerald, sapphire, … Read More Fall Makeup Trends 2020 – Jewel Tone Shadows

This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Saying that purple is one of my favorite colors is an understatement. My office is purple, my first car was purple, my wedding’s only theme was PURPLE! So of course, when Urban Decay, one of my long time favorite brands came out with a purple themed palette as part of their Naked collection, I was beyond elated. This collection of 12 neutral and purple … Read More This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET


End of Summer Fashion 2020

I hate to be the barer of bad news but summer is ending. We may not have had the summer we wanted, deserved, or dreamed of thanks to COVID but theres always something special about summer. No matter how you spent it, it easy to mourn its end. A sadness comes over me as I begin packing up the bright neon crop tops, paper … Read More End of Summer Fashion 2020

Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!

It is crazy to think about how far makeup trends have come. Just a few years ago we were all told bake, cake, and layer on tons of products in complicated instagram routines. I am so guilty of this both then and now! In 2020 we’ve seen a shift to less complicated routines and makeup looks. Natural beauty, 70’s/90’s esthetic, showing off freckles and … Read More Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!


The Instagram Shadowban and my Social Media Journey

In The Beginning… I realize that for many who follow this blog, this topic may be out of sorts, however, I felt it was necessary to address. I won’t lie to you and tell you I have the secrets, the answers, or even the magic fix! I will tell you about my experience, my best tips, and how to really share your passions online … Read More The Instagram Shadowban and my Social Media Journey


‘Tis The Season – For Good Skin!

Cooler temperatures bring us falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and changes to our skin! Raging wind, dryer air, and changes in the position of the sun all effect our skin. This means its time to switch up the skincare routine. Even if you aren’t a skincare aficionado,  skincare is an easy routine to get into. Plus, there is no better time to start than … Read More ‘Tis The Season – For Good Skin!