This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Urban Decay UltraViolet Palette

Saying that purple is one of my favorite colors is an understatement. My office is purple, my first car was purple, my wedding’s only theme was PURPLE! So of course, when Urban Decay, one of my long time favorite brands came out with a purple themed palette as part of their Naked collection, I was beyond elated.

A look back at painting my office purple!

This collection of 12 neutral and purple shades has everything you need to create any ultraviolet look. I love that it includes so many different types of purple shades – deep, iridescent, shimmery, and matte that compliment the more nude tones perfectly. It is the kind of palette that you don’t need to pull out another one to complete a look.

These shades are buttery, smooth, pigmented and have very little fall out. I did notice some kickback when applying some shades so be careful and pat the shadows rather than flick the brush across. Using a flat brush may help to prevent this more than a fluffy brush. I do like that there was a brush that was included and it can easily create a full look by itself. If you want these shades to pop more so than they already do, the Primer Potion is a great option.

I have filmed a review with swatches as well as a look that you can find below. I share with you all my honest opinon on this palette as well as what shades I found to work the best and which shades had a little issue. If you’d like to see more looks leave me some comments on youtube and I would be happy to film another!

Products featured in this tutorial and review:

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