Surviving The Holiday Season – Self Care Tools

As soon as we put the pumpkins and candy corn away, dust off the faux cobwebs, and shush away the ghouls and goblins a switch is flipped. Suddenly the bells are jingling, the winter is a wonderland, and the night, silent, but is there a loneliness, an anxiety, or a pain that isn’t all calm and bright in your life?

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The holiday season looks very different this year for many reasons. We are social distancing, disinfecting, and trying to spread holiday cheer and not COVID, but how are we caring for ourselves? In the pre-COVID era, self care would be addressed by focusing on many of the more serious side effects of the holiday season such as SAD and how to reduce depression. The hard fact is suicide rates raise during this time of year and checking in on ourselves is critical. It’s not holly jolly, warm for your soul kind of discussion but a necessary one. It’s a topic I am here to tackle and offer you real life advice, resources, and tools to take on the not so glittering part of the holidays this year.

At the time of writing this, I had just finished up an insightful Instagram Live with @Thegreenspa and intended this post to go up right after. Life hit me and my laptop battery died along with my draft. My anxiety with work is common, and little things become overwhelming. This can cause sleepless nights, misplaced anger, or even a general unfocused mind. I often just want to shut down, zone out, and check out and it takes a moment of deep breathing, re-focusing, and realigning to get back. Thankfully, I have access to it again, and am happy I can share these tools with you! If you missed the live with @Thegreenspa you can watch it below:

As someone who has panic disorder, OCD, and many past trauma’s the holiday’s tend to bring out the worst in me. It is the time when I have to take self care seriously and realize that mental health AND mental wellbeing is tied into all that we do daily. Time out for a bath, a skin care routine, a life coaching appointment, positive affirmations, meditation or just taking a moment to breath in claming essential oils make all the difference. Sheila from The Green Spay says we should put on our oxygen mask first- meaning we need to care for ourselves before we can care for anyone else.

Self care can be broken down into three essentials – what we do for our Body, what we do for our Mind, and what we do for our Soul. In collaboration with The Green Spa and Legend of the Spa I am going to share with you what gets me through the holiday season and beyond when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or just down.


The largest organ of your body is your SKIN! What you put on it can change everything from your mood, how you respond to aches and pains, or just how you feel about yourself. If you are feeling pain, tight, dry, or itchy skin, or you aren’t protecting and treating yourself with kindness it will weigh on you. With the hectic holiday season, caring for others, and dealing with low grade depression from SAD – taking a moment out of your day to honor yourself is necessary.

CBD based products have been proven to relieve aches and pains, help diminish acne, and hydrate even the toughest of skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. When its infused with lavender it helps to calm the skin as well as reduce anxiety whereas peppermint helps to make you feel more awake, alert, and refreshed. You can add these to your skin directly, add to a bath, into your other skincare products, or even use to massage,

If you aren’t a fan of oils, CBD balm can help in much the same way with a more direct or larger application. Cooling is perfect for after a sunburn, on sensitive skin, for inflamed skin, or joint aches. Warming is perfect for muscle aches, relaxation, and hydrating skin. Use on hands with arthritis or even the neck if you’ve been experiencing “tech neck” Many of us are using our hands more and bending the neck uncomfortably down especially with so many virtual meetings and work from home orders.

I believe that a skincare routine can be more than just slathering product on! A mindful routine can not only transform your mental space but also put positive intentions into our skin. When we show ourselves love, care, and self attentiveness those intentions become apparent. Our skin looks better, feels better, and thus we feel better.. and look better as an added bonus. Not removing our makeup, tugging, pulling, using harsh products or products that aren’t correct for our skin concerns are damaging. That is why self love through skincare is important. If you are unsure of what products would work best on you, The Green Spa offers Virtual Skincare Consultations.

I am 35, so I have a concern on aging as well as keeping sky hydrated. I reach for Legend of the Spa Neroli Firming Face Moisturizer as this is my ultimate go to. It is infused with rose quartz, aloe vera, and even grapefruit extract. It is made with positive intentions and good energy that wholeheartedly translates when applying.


A lot may be on your mind this holiday season with quarantines in place in many areas. Not being able to see friends and family, SAD, COVID, and even anxiety may be taking over your mind. I have already lightly mentioned some self love practices and routines you can do daily to help ease tensions, anxiety, and low grade depression even if you don’t have or want a skincare routine. Maybe you feel you don’t have the time between kids, work, family, house upkeep, etc to take the “adult” time out, but I assure you, you can still make your environment just a little bit more mental health friendly.

Using a diffuser can help transform your space into one thats productive, relaxing, or peaceful. Scent is our closest tie to memory and emotion which is why aroma therapy can really benefit us this holiday season and beyond. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow, in your diffuser, in your skin care, or in your bath can truly aide in lifting your mood and melting your anxiety. One single drop on the wrist and a deep breath has been proven to lower emotional tension.

If you have a more than a few moments in the morning or evening, or just 20 minutes a week, a warm bath with bath salts, essential oils, and even candles can help not only ease tensions in the body and relieve stress but also help reduce anxiety and low grade depression. You can also make Aroma Therapy self care a couple bonding experience. Try Lavender Fields Massage and Body oil on each other or for a joint relaxation experience.

Meditation can take place at any time during the day but for me it is when I’m applying my skincare. When I sit down to do a routine I use the Legend of the Spa website to help me focus my thoughts. The Step Into Joy Morning ritual guides my mind into a more positive head space while the Let It Go Evening ritual helps me unwind, clear my mind, and find peace before bed. Even if you have a pre-existing skincare routine, transform it into a meditative space with the Legend of the Spa. Amp up your routine with a diffuser with either Breath or Lavender oil for relaxation. Let all the anxiety go this holiday season and find your joy while doing a routine that benefits your skin and mind.


If you are still struggling with goals, starting your own business, organizing your thoughts, or just centering yourself – there are things you can do. Booking a 1-on-1 Life Coaching ZOOM Session can help get you on track for the new year and get your goals aligned before 2021 even starts. The holiday season ends with New Year’s and its a time of new beginnings as well an end of a chapter. You can take this time to put forth new goals with guidance and a helping hand. You can also check out Transformational Gangstas for more guidance and #solutionizers!

If all else fails, try some tea! When I am having an exceptionally hard day and nothing is going right, I put on a pot of tea. I think there is something so warming, so relaxing, and so peaceful about a warm cup of tea. It may sounds cliche, but it warms the soul. It takes me out of my head, away from my worries and my stresses, and puts me in a place of quiet. The Red Moon tea is naturally caffeine free, tastes like fresh berries, and needs little to no sweeting. It is a great way to unwind and the beautiful, natural, bright red shade is like Christmas in a cup. Wan’t to amp up your tea? Add a stick of fresh cinnamon to it. Not only will it reduce inflammation but it is good for oral health and heart health!

If you’d like to pick up my favorites this holiday season, check out The Holiday Stardust Basket. – and use Promo code STARDUST to save! These items have helped me during meditation, yoga, skincare routines, bath time, and bed time! They help me to remind myself to take those time outs and check in on my own mental health. Having a physical reminder and dedication to yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself or someone who may be struggling this holiday season. You can also check out any of the tools/items I mentioned here.

If you are finding your feelings overwhelming, you are struggling to cope, or dealing with more serious depression and anxiety, there is help. The national suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 is available 24/7. You are never alone!


The Clingy Toddler and Toddler Breastfeeding

There are plenty of milestones a new mom has to look forward to as she watches her child grow. Rolling over, crawling, laughing, clapping, saying mama, and walking are some of the sweetest moments of mommy-hood. We watch our children grow and become more independent, but what happens if our child isn’t quite reatfdy?

Nothing prepared me for this moment. Not the expecting books, not the blogs, not the friendly advice – nothing. I entered into breastfeeding with the idea that it wouldn’t go the way I wanted to. I had unsuccessfully breastfed one child, and my second wasn’t getting enough milk. I was encouraged NOT to continue breastfeeding – thats a topic for another blog – but I ventured on! Now I am feeding a toddler and its a bit of uncharted territory.

When my son was in his early months, he would cry a soft – a la – type cry. The sweet and soft type of cry that melts a new mama’s sleepy and drained soul. Now, my walking, talking, clapping, toddler – with a mouth full of teeth will say a-bee’s and I know exactly what that means. He is ready to breastfeed for this 12th time… this hour.

I realize many toddlers can have separation anxiety and need comfort that only the breast can bring, but I find myself unable to do even the most mundane tasks without risking a full on tantrum or finding a way to maneuver myself, often standing, while my child clings and breast-feeds like a hanging sloth.

Thankfully, I am a work from home mom and I have the time and the patience to dedicate to my son but will admit it is harder than I ever expected. It weighs on my sense of self, my well being, and my time management. When I finally do have a moment I just want to pack it full of cleaning, cooking, and catching up. Relaxing isn’t always on the front of my thought. This has to change!

I have made a list of 7 things I treat myself to at least once a week.

A Long Hot Bath

Using bath salts and bath bombs, even all over bath tea, is a great way to unwind, relax aching mommy muscles, and even can promote the production of more milk. I always leave a little bit more refreshed and the time to myself helps me appreciate my time with my baby more

I love to support small businesses so I use Legend of The Spa Bath Salt. It smells amazing and all heir products are vegan and made without preserves.

A Whole Pot of Tea

I know it sounds EXCESSIVE but tea has amazing health benefits. Green Tea has antioxidants and less caffine than coffee while Rooibos has anti inflammatory benefits. To treat myself, I make a whole pot of Almond Papaya Tea from Dollar Tea Club. Its only 8$ a pouch and the reusable mesh ball means less waste!

Netflix and Chill

It’s not just for tinder dates and hook up’s! Cuddling on the couch with my baby, and sometimes even my husband and older son while we binge watch a season of a show or a great movie is just therapeutic. It’s also great to remember that cuddling helps to remember that cuddling helps produce all those feel good hormones that not only release milk more easily but also lift the mood. Some of my favorite shows of the moment are The Crown, Rachet, and The Cosmos.

Skincare is Selfcare!

This one is for anyone that’s been following me a long time! I think skincare is so essential that its selfceare. The way we care for our bodies and how we maintain our bodies is important. Skincare goes beyond just our faces and is about our whole body. Are we exfoliating? Are we treating our dry skin on our arms and legs? Are we addressing our flaky and itchy scalp? You may think these are little things but they can impact our daily lives. When we are more comfortable in our skin we feel better throughout the day.

I love using DermaE Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only does it have an invigorating scent that just wakes me up, but it feels cooling and refreshing on the scalp. I love how it relieves scalp itching and makes my hair look fuller and shinier.


I feel such a sense of calm when the house is cleaning. You may not find cleaning to be something you want to do as part of treating yourself but let me convince you otherwise. When I clean for me, I clean things that no one sees. I clean up my jewelry drawer, my skincare counter, my records get reorganized, and sort photos. These are things just for me and seeing them organized just makes me feel a greater sense of self. When I have to clean the house, I make it a little more tolerable with products that smell amazing. I have been obsessed with the holiday line of cleaning products from Mrs Myers.


I have some favorite foods that the kids aren’t necessarily fans of. I love fish roe. A little bit topped on some sour cream and a baked ritz cracker and I am in heaven. I take some time to make myself this snack when the baby sleep. Even if he’s asleep on me, I can eat this with one hand and it makes me feel like I’m indulging. I also like to treat myself to “fancy” salads that contain arugula, chopped herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. I shake it with some salad dressing and pretend I’m bunching.


Aroma therapy is a real thing! Wether I am in the bath, cooking, cleaning, breast feeding, or even Netflix and Chillin, lighting a candle makes everything so much better. The holiday season is right around the corner so scents of pine, cinnamon, and baked goods are my favorite!

The candle I can’t stop lighting is from Shalant Candles. Not only do they small amazing but they look beautiful for the holiday season.

To all my mamas out there, I hope this advice helped, I hope you are able to take some time out for yourself, and I hope you’re able to connect and enjoy this time with your babies!

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Harvesting The Newest Trends with Boxycharm

The harvest season is in full effect! Everywhere I go I see fall colors in the trees, fall foods and pumpkin inspired goodies, fall scents of cinnamon and spice, and of course fall beauty! It can be hard to keep up with it all, let alone expensive. I have an easy solution for you!

I used to shop all the new releases, even if I wasn’t sure I would love them. I had some serious FOMO – or fear of missing out. I wanted the last trend, the latest color scheme, I wanted the IT PRODUCTS and IT became exhausting. What I love the most about Boxycharm, aside from its affordable 25$ a month price tag, is it allows me to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank. This beauty subscription always delivers and impresses with high end brands, indie brands, and brand new releases.

This month was all about Harvest and I loved the product choices. Cooler and harsher weather mean that our needs and concern change. Lots of lip hydration, fall tones on the eyes, liner for essential smokey eye look and of course skincare were all included in this month’s box.

Check out my tutorial and review on the November 2020 Boxycharm


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Busy Makeup Mom’s 5 Minute Routine

There is a reason the name of this blog is “The Cosmeholic”. I am addicted to cosmetics and all things beauty, but, I am also a mom. Being a mom is a full time job on top of being a full time content creator and often both lines of work overlap. So when it comes to timing, every second counts. If you’re wondering, can you really do a full face glam in under 10 minutes? The answer is Yes!

When we think about glam we may think about complicated makeup routines with four levels of baking, 12 step brows, lip contouring, and all the other indulgent, fun, but time consuming makeup steps. It isn’t all necessary for a basic glam look. Choosing the right products, and a routine you’re comfortable with is half the battle.

I always start my simple routines with more skincare. Skincare is something you can do easily and fast and many times allow you to multi task. Apply your eye patches while doing your shadow and you can limit or eliminate your concealer. Apply a two in one product like a luminizing primer with a pore reducing aspect as it saves you time from applying multiple products. Even a blush with primer built in will help save you time!

The biggest difference between a skincare based routine and a makeup based routine is that makeup requires you have to have precision. You have to worry about setting it, brushes, and bases, whereas, skincare will allow you to have longer results that don’t crease or fade since the improvement is in the skin and not on the skin. Make it a habit to incorporate skincare into all your routines and you will see a marked difference when you opt for a simpler makeup look.

Glam or soft, natural, or bold, the longest part of my routine is usually my eyes. I will do them as my skin absorbs any skincare products that I have applied. You can of course do a simple swipe of shadow and avoid faux lashes if you want to save even more time- but these I refuse to give up. Prioritize what works for you and multitask during the most time consuming step of your routine.

I have recently shared an easy “5” minute makeup routine on YouTube with a mauve monochromatic theme. In real life this look took just under 10 minutes to do – and thats mainly because I forgot to put the eye patches on during the shadow application! Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to apply things, multi use your brushes, and glue up both lashes at once so they are ready for application together!


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The Overwhelming Underwhelming Torrid x Betsey Johnson Collection

As a plus size woman, I am well versed in Torrid. My closet is dripping in Torrid. My instagram is full of Torrid features. I have Torrid pieces going as far back as 2002 – which are vintage at this point. Needless to say, I have been around the block a few times when it comes to browsing the usual offerings. For the holiday season, Torrid teamed up with ICONIC designer Betsey Johnson and I expected the boldest, most playful, colorful collection yet, however, I was a left both overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

Torrid began operations in 2001 as the sister store and plus size spinoff store to Hot Topic. The goal was to allow plus size girls the goth and punk options they so desperately wanted. The logo was black, yellow, and moody, the stores were dark, and the plus size, outcast, finally felt like she belonged. Tripp pants, Lip Service, faux fur lined coats, chains, straps, spikes, it was all there. Torrid was the kind of company that wanted to grow with its customers and around 2005 the logo lightened to a pink flame, and embraced a more retro, rockibily, vintage style attitude. Thrown in the mix were beachy, so cal inspired pieces, lots of plaid, corsets, and swing dressed. By the time we reached 2015, Torrid had become more trend based and multi note. Gone was the punk vibe and in its place a more standard selection with a few unique finds and gems. It was enough to keep me hooked.

Currently, Torrid offers a selection of graphic t-shirts, casual wear, well fitting jeans, office friendly options, special occasion dresses, fandom items, and even bridal. Truly, they have extended their offerings to a wider range of women but we have to accept the more punk attitude died when they retired the pink flame heart. Through the years my love for Torrid never really died but rather matured with it. I would get excited for their lunches, their rewards program, and their collaborations like with actress Rebel Wilson. So, when Betsey announced a new collection, I couldn’t wait to empty my bank account. According to Forbes, the collection is “inspired by Johnson’s 1988 and 1989 runway shows”. Personally, I see I less of an 80’s influence and more of a early and mid 90’s influence. Johnson choose all the fabrics and lent her funky esthetics to the torrid team who ultimately designed the pieces we see online and in stores.

This line feels incredibly… Torrid. I have to remind myself that this isn’t Betsey designs being sold at Torrid but rather a fusing of the two. We see lots of button down shirts, a body con dress, Moto jacket, a blazer, and tulle and a lot of it reminds me of what I saw at their 2018 Runway show during NYFW. The few pieces that scream Betsy include the combat boot choices, Silver Tulle Dress, fur lined velvet jacket, and of course the baby doll dress. I secretly wished this was more Betsey and less Torrid, but I can’t say I hate it. I yearned for more harmony between the two. The pieces that really pushed the envelope were overwhelming and too over the top to really wear anywhere practical while the casual pieces remind me of their usual offerings with Betsey patterns and left me underwhelmed.

I wanted to love this whole line as it felt like torrid tapped into its roots but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase more than 5 items. Given that this is a designer collab, no promotions could be used on these items and the prices were a bit steep. Even with Klarna, pay in installments, as a new option, its not exactly budget friendly. If you are still on the fence about what to pick up and what to pass on, I am here to make it easy for you. I want to share with you what I loved most from this collection and what I fell you won’t miss!


Black and Pink Lace Mesh Tulle Skater Dress

This dress screams Betsey Johnson! It is playful, flirty, and just a little sexy. The animal print is edgy yet chic and perfectly aligns with other Torrid designs as well. The zipper in the bust section does remind me of the Rebel Wilson Fit and Flair Dress. My only complaint is that I wish it came with the Fishnet Top – which is selling for nearly 50$!

Betsey Johnson Dress vs Rebel Wilson Collab

Red plaid is something we see yearly from Torrid, but this, this had something just a little special to it! The upper bodice is formed in such a way that it almost resembles a corse so it reads just a tad more edgy than their usual offerings. I am not sure I see much of the Betsey influence in it though. I know she loves plaid, but so do many other designers. I have seen all shapes and sizes try this on, and I am familiar with their Ponte material being very comfortable. It is ultra flattering and sterchy for many different body types. I picked this up and figured even if I don’t attend underground punk shows any more, it will look great for the holiday season.

Betsey Johnson Leopard Tulle Skirt

I own quite a few Tulle skirts from Torrid (see below), but it isn’t something I have seen them offer in the last couple of years. Betsey’s shows in the late 1980s had lots of volume and tulle – It was the era of Madonna after all ! I did purchase this and I am hoping its as full as it is on the model vs the stand alone pick. Either way, for an authentic Betsy look, you need tulle!

Comparison to past Torrid Tulle Skirts

Betsey Johnson Rhinestone Combat Boots

I have never been a fan of combat boots but these are badass! Betsey has always had some amazing foot wear and these match MANY of Torrid’s designs as well as Betsey’s designs. While I didn’t purchase these because they aren’t my style (plus I own rhinestone boots from Torrid already, see above), but I absolutely think they are a must have. These boots are available in white with a Tattoo design, as well as black with a floral design!

Betsey Johnson Floral Fur Trim Velvet Coat

This is such a fun piece! It truly represents the fun Betsey, eccentric and electic style. I feel this design is way more 90’s than 80’s. It was very popular to have your collar and wrists covered in fur or even feathers. You can see a similar design or esthetic in the movie Clueless which I will show below. I think if you’re looking for something truly different from whats normally offered at Torrid then its something you need!

Betsey Johnson Floral Jacquard Baby Doll Dress

You can’t even utter Betsey Johnson’s name without thinking about the iconic Baby Doll Dress. The fabric, the cut, the entire feel of this dress is Betsy. Just like the other pieces, I am hoping that this dress has the fullness as shown on the model. It is a great way to wear Betsey’s signature florals in a fall and edgy way. I will say that this also has a very mid 1990’s vibe to it even though the collection is supposed to be inspired by her 1988/89 shows.

Betsey Johnson Printed Boyfriend Cardi

These are the punk roots I came for! The tattoo like design, the ease of wear, the obviously Betsey influence. It’s all here and it looks super cozy! It would be easy to dress casually in this or pair over some lingerie like the model shows! Would pair well with lots of other pieces in the collection including the tulle skirt, the plaid skirt, and even the matching combat boots!


All the plaid! As mentioned above, plaid is something we see every season with Torrid. While yes, we do see some of the edgy Torrid past with these pieces (I will share some vintage and non vintage for reference), we have access to it without a Betsey collab. If you don’t own anything plaid like this, go for it! It can be perfect for that punk rock look or if you’re trying to channel a red version of the classic Clueless look. I do once again have some issue with their point of time reference being 1988/89 since these are very mid early and mid 90’s. The blazer leans a little grandpas PJ’s for me, and I wish the skirt was cut shorter but I’ve seen other bloggers make it look super cute. SkirtBlazerPants

Comparison to past Torrid plaid offerings:

Betsey Johnson Shiny Silver Tulle Strapless Dress

This is the most outrageously fun piece I’ve ever seen on Torrid and it screams Betsey – HOWEVER – getting something that you will never wear anywhere, not a great choice. This dress alone is 228$ and looks like it is worth every cent from the amount of tulle it seems to have! Its quintessential 80’s and yet, doesn’t look dated. I just had to ask myself, where am I going in this? Will I wear it to a party once? Will I be wearing it to Target? Is it something that will just hang happily in my closet like many other impulse purchases? I had to really search deep for this one, but the answer for me is, its good in theory, just not good in my closet. I also do wish that so many of these looks came with their fishnet and sleeved underlays.

Betsey Johnson Black and White Plaid Pixi Pant

I would never have known this was Betsey unless I saw that her name was on the tag. While the label says plaid, this print is more commonly known as Gingham and we’ve seen this many times from Torrid before in dresses, leggings, and skirts. At 68$ this was an easy pass as we’ve seen it before in different colors, fabrics, and forms.

Some past examples of Torrid Gingham:

The Leopards and (some) Florals

This isn’t a slight against Betsy but rather one against Torrid. Torrid has had one consistency – Animal print, it has always offered it in some way, shape or form. Even this summer, I bought a button down blouse with giraffes on it! I have leopard dresses – swing, body con, shirt style etc.., pants- jeans, leggings, slacks, shirts- button downs, t-shirts, crop tops, thank tops, cami, swing style, peplum, sheer, corset style, lingerie, jewelry, head bands, socks, shoes, really, seriously, nothing off the table, Torrid offered it from its punk roots and it still does. More importantly, they have always offered florals, especially after departing from their darker days. In fact, it was one of the biggest complaints I found while researching for this blog entry. Florals and plus size design tend to go too hand in hand. While Betsey has been long known for these prints, so has Torrid and I can’t help but find myself bored with this esthetic. The only offering that really caught my attention in these prints were the pink Leopard and the tulle leopard as well as the subtle floral babydoll dress that I shared above. Everything else, pass.


I am 100% for fishnet. I think it is sexy, classic 80’s, super Betsey, and brings us back to Torrid roots, however, nearly 50$ for a cropped fish net top, no way. Punk is all about being a little rough around the edges. In the 80’s girls would pierce their ears with safety pins and then wear them as earrings, buy cheap dog leashes for studded collars, and even jelly bracelets started in the plumbing department. I am all for spending money on quality clothing, but fishnet is very inexpensive to make regardless of size. Buying this would have Joey Ramone rolling in his grave! I also want to make a note that the lingerie set that it is shown over, has panties that cost 28$ and we’ve seen this look before.

Heres what Torrid has offered in the past:

The Tunics

Torrid tunics are a staple in my wardrobe. Just like many other things I’ve mentioned here, Torrid does these a lot. There is no lack of options. I wasn’t even surprised when I saw three different options for these, after all, this is a collab and there needs to be a Torrid based influence. My issue with these is that they don’t feel Betsey. It feels like her designs were thrown on them just to have that Torrid influence. They are super easy to wear and style, so I do understand their inclusion. I even bought one myself! I just would like to advise that if you were looking for something different and something thats a harmonious pairing, this may not be what you’re looking to pick up.

A look at Betsey!

Whether you loved this collection or hated it, there is one thing we can’t deny- Betsey is still badass! I took a look through some of her shows throughout the years. I focused mainly on the 80’s but have found some 90’s gems as well! So enjoy these and be inspired!

The Betsey Johnson x Torrid collaboration is currently live and will be 63 items in total. Items are still being added to the site and are all part of their holiday collection. This is part one in a two part series. Be on the lookout for a spring 2021 collection as well!

Before I wrap this up I want to share with you nearly 20 years of my torrid style! From tulle zebra pink skirts to sequin tops and dresses, mad for plaid, love for Britain, leather, lace, velvet and of course LEOPARD!

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Fall 2020 – What’s New, Upgrades, Changes, and What I’m Tossing

I can write love songs and poetry about how much I love summer. How it feels like a breakup every time the season ends. I could run your ear off telling you how much I hate colder weather and snow. BUT! Fall, holds a special place in my heart. Its a beautiful season. It has charm, it has soul, it is the only season that shows us its beautiful to let go and to change. Change doesn’t stop at just the leaves though!

It is a bit of common knowledge that cosmetics expire. Either they expire because the ingredients expire, they are old, they are out dated, or your skin, body, use for them has changed. Every season we should evaluate what we use and adjust for our current needs. Using the same products and expecting year round results doesn’t always go our way. I am here to share with you some of my upgrades, changes, what I’m trying new, and what I am tossing!


For the Summer season, I was wearing lots of different floral perfumes but for fall I am upgrading to woody scents, deeper scents and different ways of applying them!

If you are more of a classic traditionalist when it comes to fragrance, this is one to try! The Givenchy Irresistible starts off with notes of sparkling pear and ends on a woody and musk note. Its warm, sensual, and something I can’t stop reaching for. This scent is long wearing so try it for day wear or night wear.

If you reached for body mists all summer, upgrade to Cheirosa ’71 Body Fragrance Mist. This is warm and tasty! It starts off with notes of caramelized vanilla, middle notes of white chocolate, and ends strong with tonka bean and coconut blossom. If you love sweet scents that will remind you of nights by the warm fire and holiday baked goods or if were reaching for Brazilian Crush all summer, this is your ultimate upgrade!

Ditch perfume and body mists altogether this fall! Upgrade to Kay Ali Deja Vu White Flower 57 Hair Mist. Not only will your hair be smelling like warm, sultry tuberose and Sri Lankan sandalwood but it will also be ultra hydrated with aloe vera and caster oil! So harsh cold winds won’t dry your hair!


I am trying to support more brands that stand for what I believe in! Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous, female owned brand that is not only striving for more sustainable products – their mailer cards can even be planted! – but the creator of this brand Jenn Harper donates 10% of profits to the First Nations Children & Family Caring Society! I am all about trying new shades for fall and purchasing from brands that stand for something more! Plus, as a native myself, its nice to see representation!

This one isn’t beauty, but it deserved a mention! This year, since buying a house, I have come to learn that every time I clean, I am making a big decision. Do I want hash chemicals all over my house, or do I want something more natural for my children and the environment. I signed up for Grove and get monthly deliveries from my favorite brands like Meyers! I just got my shipment in of all the new holiday scents. These are garden inspired, cruelty free, made with essential oils and other thoughtful ingredients, plus they are recyclable! No more harsh bleaches and fumes in my house.

I mentioned this Derma E Anti-Aging Set in my more recent YouTube videos! I have been breastfeeding for a little over a year now and it hasn’t exactly been kind to my skin! I have had lots of hormonal acne around my chin area. I recently started to use this kit and have seen amazing results. Making a skincare routine change can feel scary or even overwhelming, but remember, it will be worth it. This set is incredibly gentle, hydrates the skin, and rebalances the skin. It was perfectly kind to my sensitive skin.

What’s New:

Applying lashes aren’t always the easiest- but what if I told you you can do both your liner and lashes in one step! I have started to use the new Eylure Line and Lash because it allows me to stick my lashes right to my liner. Its precise and comes in both black and clear. Also, its a huge time savor.

I love the scents and flavors of the fall season! Buxom’s new Full-on Fall Gloss Lip Cream and Polish smell like pumpkin spice latte and apple cider. The soft, sheer nude shades are perfect to pair with smokey eye looks and 90’s inspired plaid. They plump up lips while leaving them ultra hydrated.

The new Huda Haze Palette’s are perfect for any fall eye look. There are three options to choose from: Purple Haze, Sand Haze, and Khaki Haze (pictured above). They feature buttery smooth shades that apply flawlessly and blend out perfectly. I love this shade range for fall and as a new take on nudes.

What I’m Tossing:

I really wanted to love magnetic lashes. They are a brilliant idea and they eliminate all the mess of glue, but they do come with some draw backs. First, you have to apply the liner 3 times to get it to work. If you aren’t good at doing your liner, or don’t feel comfortable layering it on, you may find this a bit tedious. The magnets work amazingly… at first. I found their wear to not be as long wearing as other lashes and I found them lifting up and taking the liner with them. If you’re looking for lashes for an event or a quick look with no glue these are for you, otherwise I should Line and Lash also by Eylure mentioned above.

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo! As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to wash my hair everyday and need something for in-between washes. The Tresemme Between Washes just didn’t work as I wanted it to. It left my hair feeling wet, weighed down, and I don’t feel like it absorbed much of the oil in my hair. Instead, I am reaching more for John Freida Day 2 Revival Dry Shampoo. There are other products like the Wave Refresh Spray that I am also a huge fan of this fall!

I am ditching the Donut chain this fall, and possibly forever after a horrible incident. I recently went there for drive through and found the employees not wearing masks or gloves. When asked to pull into the drive through so they could bring us our food, we politely refused due to their lack of protection. We were harassed, yelled at and overall treated poorly as they held our order hostage and threatened police action. Dunkin’ only addressed the issue after my TikTok followers tagged them repeatedly and aggressively but the issue was never properly handle or resolved. I now make my own Greek Frappe style coffees at home and use my Nespresso. Not only am I saving money, but I know my health isn’t at risk!

If you’d like to see a fall tutorial feating some of the products I mentioned above, check out my video below!


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The History of Boxycharm

Around 2012, Subscription boxes exploded in popularity. Food subs, fashion subs, fitness subs, lifestyle subs, and of course beauty subs! Many subscriptions though, are no new thing. As far back as the 70s there were fruit of the month clubs and meat clubs. Every month you’d get one item, or an assortment of items of what was in season. Not much has changed!

July 2013 Boxycharm

Boxycharm was started in 2013 and I remember the hype surrounding its launch. Full sized products, only 21$ a month, on trend and seasonally appropriate. This was vastly different than the business model of other brands like Birchbox. Birchbox offered mainly sample sizes, or mini sizes like that you’d receive when you place an order at Sephora. This set a new high bar and showed it was possible to add bigger, better items.

I was so excited opening my first box, the July 2013 box shown above, and discovering it had products from collections that I wasn’t able to get my hands on ( like the project runway collection from L’oreal). Drugstores had just started to release limited edition collections and collaborations that would have 3 of each piece and when it was gone, it was gone. Boxycharm gave accessibility that had never before been offered. It wasn’t long before they started to seek out ways to innovate.

February 2014 Boxycharm

Just as subscription boxes were becoming ultra popular, so were influencers or beauty gurus as they were called. One popular guru at the time was Graveyardgirl/Bunny. She had been sent a Boxycharm and described the items as “old” and “explired” and due to her large audience, Boxycharm instantly changed the subscription. Gone were the coveted drugstore brands and in their place were the indie brands we could find in every other subscription.

March 2014 Boxycharm

There were a few years of changes, growth, and evolution. Since their early boxes, which even included NARS, we’ve seen so many new brands added like Farmacy, Laura Geller, PUR cosmetics, Hourglass, and now, the newest addition, Huda Beauty!

The September 2020 Boxycharm is so different from the early aughts in so many ways, but, it truly speaks to the esthetics and trends of this new decade. Versatile products, the inclusion of both skincare and makeup, and the idea that all you need is one box to make or complete a full face look! The best part is the price hasn’t changed all that much either! At only 25$, you receive 5 full sized beauty and skincare items. Each box is worth almost 250$ or more and the products are consistently high quality. Below is a review of my most recent box!

Sign up here!


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20 Years of Glow

When I was younger, I had this perfect type of skin. I didn’t need foundation, primer, skincare, nothing. I would wake up in the morning, put on some shadow and mascara and that was it. Now, its a 12 step skincare routine before I even get to bed- thats if I want to even have dreams of flawless skin. We don’t always know or value the importance of a multi-tasking product until we are older, but when we discover a time saving routine it makes all the difference.

I remember the first time I saw Pixi by Petra products. The soft and pale green packaging stood out among a sea of matte black. I was in my mid 20’s and just had started really discovering new beauty products. I was a new mom, I was on a budget, and I wanted to look like all the emerging flawless YouTubers. I signed up for boxes like Birchbox and My Glam Bag (Now known as Ipsy). One month, I received a Pixi product in one of my boxes and there was just something special about it. The formula, the attention to detail, the application, it was a feeling and not just a look.

A few years later, when I myself was an established on YouTube and Instagram I was invited to a Pixi event. I remember being “introduced” to the products – yet secretly I had a great collection already at home. It was like meeting my celebrity crush in person and trying not to fan girl. As I’ve gotten older my adoration for the band has only grown. They not only save me time and money, but allow me to look my best even when I’m not showing off for the gram. Petra truly understands what busy women need.

Now as Pixi by Petra celebrates 20 years, I more than ever love the offerings of beauty and skincare that are available for an affordable price. Petra, the creator, made it her mission to bring out the natural beauty in everyone. As a busy working mother of 4, she had real world experience and aimed to give women multi-tasking, flaw fixing, and youth enhancing products. She absolutely nailed it and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the next 20 years!

To celebrate, I have creaed this quick, autumn themed tutorial featuring some of my favorite beauty and skincare products from Pixi. If you’d like to check out any of these products they are available in Target and drugstores. I will have a full list of links to my favorite products below.


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Getting Stoned

Your outlook on the world, its origins, and even the afterlife say a lot about you. Do you follow a carefully created plan or do you let the universe guide you? Do you believe in energy work? Spirituality? Are you more rooted in realism, science, and logic? Wherever you fall on that spectrum can make you negative, positive, neutral, or realist. I fall somewhere between the logical and more positive spectrum, with a hint of realism.

For those of you that follow along on instagram, you may be familiar with my user name, Recycledstardust. This moniker was pulled and inspired by a quote from Carl Sagan. He stated that we are all made of the same star stuff as the Big Bang and he isn’t wrong! Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but I’m not here to bring you a science lesson. What I believe is we are something greater than just flesh and bones. We come from the stars and we will return to them. While we are here, however, our energy has meaning and purpose.

A long held belief by many cultures is that energy can be channeled and filtered using crystals. It isn’t uncommon to find crystals in places of work, homes, part of decor, jewelry, and now beauty products. Utilizing the power of crystals for both skincare and makeup, comes in many forms and routines can be enhanced. Wether you are using a jade Gua Sha as a face lifting tool or citrine face roller to massage moisturizer into the skin, you’re taking part in the power of crystals. The beauty industry is now taking it a step further but infusing products directly with crystals.

Crystal infusion can take on many forms. Whole crystals, in small form, can be inserted into products like lotions, sprays, and cleaners. Some of my favorite, crystal infused, Skincare products come from the Brooklyn Green Spa line, Legend of the Spa! Crystals can also be ground up and put directly into scrubs, body washes, and now eye shadow like the Stoned Vibes palette from Urban Decay. This palette features a mix of matte and creamy shimmer shades that are all infused with turmaline. The power of positive energy can now be a part of your makeup routine.

Not only is this palette infused ith crystals but it features a beautiful, raised, 3D crystal design on the outer palette, it features crystal names like Jade, Opal, and tigers eye. Even if you don’t believe in utilizing crystals you can’t deny how buttery and smooth these shadows apply. You can use a finger or a brush with no need for primer. The matte shades blend flawlessly and there is zero fall out. This brings a whole new meaning to the jewel trend eye looks that are so popular this fall – check out my Jewel Tone Eye board and Fall Vibes Mood Board.

  • GOOD KARMA Ivory matte with sheen
  • JADE Green metallic microglitter
  • OPAL AURA Iridescent shimmer
  • TIGER’S EYE Copper metallic microglitter with pink shift
  • VIBES Rose metallic microglitter
  • ANTIDOTE Peach matte
  • HEXED Red-brown matte
  • BLOODSTONE Deep green with red metallic shift
  • OJO Royal blue metallic microglitter
  • RAW ENERGY Sheer violet sparkle
  • MEDITATE Bronze metallic microglitter
  • THIRD EYE Deep eggplant matte with sheen



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What is Self Care?

During any given week, I need a certain amount of down time. I have 2 kids, a 7 bedroom house to clean, a “somewhat” full time job – even though its not paying at the moment due to COVID, and have panic disorder and OCD. Time out isn’t just a luxury, its a must for my mental health. Self care can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and today I want to tell you what it means to me.

Self care starts with dedicating time. Often when children act up, out of not understanding how to deal with frustration, we give them a time out. For ourselves, we bottle it up until it forms int an ulcer or even worse cancer. It isn’t just an, in theory, luxury that “Instagram” mom’s talk about. It is an important part of sustaining a healthy mental attitude and healthy physical body. You day may not look the same as mine, so even just a few moments or a time out vs. a mini getaway can do wonders.

I am a firm believer in deep breathing, positive affirmations, and doing something good for yourself. Everyday I talk, openly and outwardly, just to put in motion the idea that this day will be a good day regardless of the things I can’t control. You can try meditation, reading, jogging, yoga, warm bath, candles, anything that brings you a moment of peace. Sitting listening to crickets or birds, drinking lots of water, and treating myself to a skincare routine every day is all a need for a little self care.

I did mention I am a mother of 2, didn’t I? I may film videos for instagram, and youtube, but my real life routine isn’t as always clean cut. Some days I’m taking off my makeup while sitting on the toilet with an audience of my children, other days I am in front of the camera talking about and applying a full step by step routine. It is all about balance. At the end of the day that moment where I pamper myself, even if I am just taking off my makeup, feels like heaven and gives me a calmness and a serenity.

Skincare isn’t one size fits all. You can find products that work for your skin, your scent preference, your time, and also price. When I think about my time out skincare, my self care skincare, my number one preference is to go with products that contain lavender. As much as I would adore a warm bath with lavender candles and a 20 minuet face mask, its just not always possible, but a 2 minuet moisturizer with lavender and honey like the one from Wishful Skin, is. Removing my makeup before bed with Bliss Wipes and applying an Anna Sui hand cream not only make me feel more relaxed but also like I’ve ended the day on a good note. I feel like I am doing something that my future self will thank me for.


Regardless of what your selfcare looks like, wether its time out for a good book, yoga, listening to music or skincare, make sure you are taking the time for yourself. A little goes a long way and the love we give ourselves has long lasting effects. When we care for ourselves, we.care better for others thought more thoughtful interactions, more understanding mindsets, and a brighter outlook.

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Fall Makeup Trends 2020 – Jewel Tone Shadows

You know it’s officially fall when Starbucks brings back its PSL, you feel that soft cool breeze blow by, and suddenly that 9pm sunset is at 6. It’s the time of year when we get cozy. We pull out our favorite sweaters, our cozy scarves, and even switch up our beauty routines!

Jewel tones are perfect for fall eye looks. Pops of emerald, sapphire, and even ruby can make your eyes pop. You can choose deep and smokey, or even lighter tones. Remember, jewels come in various hues. If you aren’t ready for summer to end just yet, add just a pop of jewel tone as liner, lower lash line shadow, or even a bold navy mascara. You don’t have to follow the rules of the season, you can interpret them and adjust them to work for you!

I believe people fall into one of two categories. You either love to embrace trends or you march to the beat of your own drum. I march on and do whatever makes me happy but I have to admit that I love a good switch up every now and then. I think of things in fashion. Autumn esthetics are all about faux leather, smokey eye, animal print, deep lip shades, booties, and jewel tone eyes. A look I created recently is all about the latter!

I recently moved and have been going through my boxes of makeup. I found the Zulu Palette from Juvia’s Place. This palette is the epitome of bright and bold. This isn’t for the neutral lover, as there isn’t a single complimentary natural shade to be found. That being said, these shades blend like heaven and are pigmented beyond my wildest dreams. You could cover every season with bold looks using this palette! A green look was just the thing to stay on trend and be bold!

Products used:

If you’re looking to try other jewel tone shades, check out the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette, Sweet Violet from Violet Voss, Natasha Denona Mini Lia, just to name a few! If you want to check out my whole Autumn 2020 mood board you can check it out here!

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NYFW 2020 : What I Would Have Worn

Attending NYFW is what dreams are made of. Watching the artistic designs on strut down the runway on glamorous models is just the tip of the ice burg of true NYFW. The backstage madness, the thrill of the front row, the streets style photographers, and of course networking while waiting in endless lines is all part of the allure of attending the most coveted event(s) in New York City. This year, however, looked vastly different.

With many limitations due to COVID meant many designers had to cut back on their invites, show outdoors, or only show virtually. This meant that for the first time in a decade, I did not receive a single in person invite. I had been planning on attending for 6 months, so of course, it was a bit heartbreaking. To lift my spirits I decided to dress up anyway!

Day 1: Fashion Nova Pants, Calvin Klein Blazer, Voogueme Glasses, Kendra Scott Jewelry, Kitsch Hair Clip, Forever 21 Crop Top, Shein Purse and Vince Camuto Shoes.

Day 2: Eloquii sweater, Rachel Roy Dress, Rainbow Bag and shoes, Pink Lily Fedora, and Ebay Glasses.

Day 3: Tilly’s Hat, Torrid Top, Shoes and Glasses, BooHoo Duster, Lane Bryant Shorts, Shoedazzle Bag.

Day 4: Shein duster, pants and purse, Torrid shoes, Voogueme glasses, Gucci belt, and Savage x Fenty bra.

Day 5: Torrid skirt, top, and blazer, Shoedazzle shoes and purse, Pink Lily fedora.

Day 6: Eloquii skirt, Dia&co faux leather top, Torrid felt hat and shoes, Gucci belt, and Stitchfix bag.

I may have missed this season but I know next season will only be bigger and better. New York has a resiliency that no other city has and it will overcome and get through this! Fashion is reflective of society, economics, and politics, and I can’t wait to hear and see its message! If you’d like to see more fashion please follow me @Fabulouslystardust and if you’d like to stay up to date on beauty trends at @Recycledstardust. Also be sure to subscribe to my Youtube for all the latest reviews!