There is a reason the name of this blog is “The Cosmeholic”. I am addicted to cosmetics and all things beauty, but, I am also a mom. Being a mom is a full time job on top of being a full time content creator and often both lines of work overlap. So when it comes to timing, every second counts. If you’re wondering, can you really do a full face glam in under 10 minutes? The answer is Yes!

When we think about glam we may think about complicated makeup routines with four levels of baking, 12 step brows, lip contouring, and all the other indulgent, fun, but time consuming makeup steps. It isn’t all necessary for a basic glam look. Choosing the right products, and a routine you’re comfortable with is half the battle.

I always start my simple routines with more skincare. Skincare is something you can do easily and fast and many times allow you to multi task. Apply your eye patches while doing your shadow and you can limit or eliminate your concealer. Apply a two in one product like a luminizing primer with a pore reducing aspect as it saves you time from applying multiple products. Even a blush with primer built in will help save you time!

The biggest difference between a skincare based routine and a makeup based routine is that makeup requires you have to have precision. You have to worry about setting it, brushes, and bases, whereas, skincare will allow you to have longer results that don’t crease or fade since the improvement is in the skin and not on the skin. Make it a habit to incorporate skincare into all your routines and you will see a marked difference when you opt for a simpler makeup look.

Glam or soft, natural, or bold, the longest part of my routine is usually my eyes. I will do them as my skin absorbs any skincare products that I have applied. You can of course do a simple swipe of shadow and avoid faux lashes if you want to save even more time- but these I refuse to give up. Prioritize what works for you and multitask during the most time consuming step of your routine.

I have recently shared an easy “5” minute makeup routine on YouTube with a mauve monochromatic theme. In real life this look took just under 10 minutes to do – and thats mainly because I forgot to put the eye patches on during the shadow application! Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to apply things, multi use your brushes, and glue up both lashes at once so they are ready for application together!


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