Your outlook on the world, its origins, and even the afterlife say a lot about you. Do you follow a carefully created plan or do you let the universe guide you? Do you believe in energy work? Spirituality? Are you more rooted in realism, science, and logic? Wherever you fall on that spectrum can make you negative, positive, neutral, or realist. I fall somewhere between the logical and more positive spectrum, with a hint of realism.

For those of you that follow along on instagram, you may be familiar with my user name, Recycledstardust. This moniker was pulled and inspired by a quote from Carl Sagan. He stated that we are all made of the same star stuff as the Big Bang and he isn’t wrong! Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but I’m not here to bring you a science lesson. What I believe is we are something greater than just flesh and bones. We come from the stars and we will return to them. While we are here, however, our energy has meaning and purpose.

A long held belief by many cultures is that energy can be channeled and filtered using crystals. It isn’t uncommon to find crystals in places of work, homes, part of decor, jewelry, and now beauty products. Utilizing the power of crystals for both skincare and makeup, comes in many forms and routines can be enhanced. Wether you are using a jade Gua Sha as a face lifting tool or citrine face roller to massage moisturizer into the skin, you’re taking part in the power of crystals. The beauty industry is now taking it a step further but infusing products directly with crystals.

Crystal infusion can take on many forms. Whole crystals, in small form, can be inserted into products like lotions, sprays, and cleaners. Some of my favorite, crystal infused, Skincare products come from the Brooklyn Green Spa line, Legend of the Spa! Crystals can also be ground up and put directly into scrubs, body washes, and now eye shadow like the Stoned Vibes palette from Urban Decay. This palette features a mix of matte and creamy shimmer shades that are all infused with turmaline. The power of positive energy can now be a part of your makeup routine.

Not only is this palette infused ith crystals but it features a beautiful, raised, 3D crystal design on the outer palette, it features crystal names like Jade, Opal, and tigers eye. Even if you don’t believe in utilizing crystals you can’t deny how buttery and smooth these shadows apply. You can use a finger or a brush with no need for primer. The matte shades blend flawlessly and there is zero fall out. This brings a whole new meaning to the jewel trend eye looks that are so popular this fall – check out my Jewel Tone Eye board and Fall Vibes Mood Board.

  • GOOD KARMA Ivory matte with sheen
  • JADE Green metallic microglitter
  • OPAL AURA Iridescent shimmer
  • TIGER’S EYE Copper metallic microglitter with pink shift
  • VIBES Rose metallic microglitter
  • ANTIDOTE Peach matte
  • HEXED Red-brown matte
  • BLOODSTONE Deep green with red metallic shift
  • OJO Royal blue metallic microglitter
  • RAW ENERGY Sheer violet sparkle
  • MEDITATE Bronze metallic microglitter
  • THIRD EYE Deep eggplant matte with sheen



You can check out my video above from my youtube Nix92585 where I share my swatches, review, and tutorial! If you aren’t already, please be sure to subscribe! You can also find more beauty and lifestyle content on my Instagram @Recycledstardust and fashion content at @Fabulouslystardust!

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