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The Overwhelming Underwhelming Torrid x Betsey Johnson Collection

As a plus size woman, I am well versed in Torrid. My closet is dripping in Torrid. My instagram is full of Torrid features. I have Torrid pieces going as far back as 2002 – which are vintage at this point. Needless to say, I have been around the block a few times when it comes to browsing the usual offerings. For the holiday … Read More The Overwhelming Underwhelming Torrid x Betsey Johnson Collection

Fall 2020 – What’s New, Upgrades, Changes, and What I’m Tossing

I can write love songs and poetry about how much I love summer. How it feels like a breakup every time the season ends. I could run your ear off telling you how much I hate colder weather and snow. BUT! Fall, holds a special place in my heart. Its a beautiful season. It has charm, it has soul, it is the only season … Read More Fall 2020 – What’s New, Upgrades, Changes, and What I’m Tossing

The History of Boxycharm

Around 2012, Subscription boxes exploded in popularity. Food subs, fashion subs, fitness subs, lifestyle subs, and of course beauty subs! Many subscriptions though, are no new thing. As far back as the 70s there were fruit of the month clubs and meat clubs. Every month you’d get one item, or an assortment of items of what was in season. Not much has changed! Boxycharm … Read More The History of Boxycharm

20 Years of Glow

When I was younger, I had this perfect type of skin. I didn’t need foundation, primer, skincare, nothing. I would wake up in the morning, put on some shadow and mascara and that was it. Now, its a 12 step skincare routine before I even get to bed- thats if I want to even have dreams of flawless skin. We don’t always know or … Read More 20 Years of Glow

Getting Stoned

Your outlook on the world, its origins, and even the afterlife say a lot about you. Do you follow a carefully created plan or do you let the universe guide you? Do you believe in energy work? Spirituality? Are you more rooted in realism, science, and logic? Wherever you fall on that spectrum can make you negative, positive, neutral, or realist. I fall somewhere … Read More Getting Stoned

This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Saying that purple is one of my favorite colors is an understatement. My office is purple, my first car was purple, my wedding’s only theme was PURPLE! So of course, when Urban Decay, one of my long time favorite brands came out with a purple themed palette as part of their Naked collection, I was beyond elated. This collection of 12 neutral and purple … Read More This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Nightly Skincare – Why It Matters in Your 30s!

When we hit the stride of our mid-30’s, we start to make changes. We tend to put more greens in our diet, skip that next episode on Netflix to go to bed earlier, and we also up how much exercise we get. So, it is no surprise that as we age, our skin changes and ages with us and we need to make changes … Read More Nightly Skincare – Why It Matters in Your 30s!

Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!

It is crazy to think about how far makeup trends have come. Just a few years ago we were all told bake, cake, and layer on tons of products in complicated instagram routines. I am so guilty of this both then and now! In 2020 we’ve seen a shift to less complicated routines and makeup looks. Natural beauty, 70’s/90’s esthetic, showing off freckles and … Read More Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!


Pre-Natal Beauty and Wellness at The Green Spa

As a beauty lover, a certified cosmeholic, as I like to refer to myself, I thought I knew everything there was to know about beauty and skincare, that is, until I became pregnant! Aside from the typical guidelines of “don’t eat raw meat”, “don’t sleep on your back”, “stay away from cat litter”, and “don’t dye your hair”, I thought I was pretty on … Read More Pre-Natal Beauty and Wellness at The Green Spa


Dia & Co – The Personal Stylist for the Plus Size Woman

I want to start this off rather blunt, you aren’t going to find cutesy, curated, pictures of me on my white couch, in my well lit living room, gleefully pulling clothes out of my perfectly tape free Dia & Co box. Quite frankly, I’m a mess, no one would ever allow me to buy a white couch, and I still have not gotten my … Read More Dia & Co – The Personal Stylist for the Plus Size Woman


‘Tis The Season – For Good Skin!

Cooler temperatures bring us falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and changes to our skin! Raging wind, dryer air, and changes in the position of the sun all effect our skin. This means its time to switch up the skincare routine. Even if you aren’t a skincare aficionado,  skincare is an easy routine to get into. Plus, there is no better time to start than … Read More ‘Tis The Season – For Good Skin!


Holiday Opulence with Soncy

Promo code- StardustxSoncy for 15$ off ANY order I love to pull out patterns and textured fabrics during the end of fall and the holiday season. While temperatures get a little colder, styles certainly heat up! Plus size tends to get the back burner treatment, but Soncy doesn’t feel it should! With affordable, trendy, and fashionable pieces in sizes 10-30, it is the ultimate … Read More Holiday Opulence with Soncy