Harvesting The Newest Trends with Boxycharm

The harvest season is in full effect! Everywhere I go I see fall colors in the trees, fall foods and pumpkin inspired goodies, fall scents of cinnamon and spice, and of course fall beauty! It can be hard to keep up with it all, let alone expensive. I have an easy solution for you!

I used to shop all the new releases, even if I wasn’t sure I would love them. I had some serious FOMO – or fear of missing out. I wanted the last trend, the latest color scheme, I wanted the IT PRODUCTS and IT became exhausting. What I love the most about Boxycharm, aside from its affordable 25$ a month price tag, is it allows me to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank. This beauty subscription always delivers and impresses with high end brands, indie brands, and brand new releases.

This month was all about Harvest and I loved the product choices. Cooler and harsher weather mean that our needs and concern change. Lots of lip hydration, fall tones on the eyes, liner for essential smokey eye look and of course skincare were all included in this month’s box.

Check out my tutorial and review on the November 2020 Boxycharm


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