Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!

It is crazy to think about how far makeup trends have come. Just a few years ago we were all told bake, cake, and layer on tons of products in complicated instagram routines. I am so guilty of this both then and now! In 2020 we’ve seen a shift to less complicated routines and makeup looks. Natural beauty, 70’s/90’s esthetic, showing off freckles and faux freckles and embracing the less is more concept as our faces are covered by masks due to COVID has obviously changed a lot of things.

One of the biggest game changers of this less is more trend is Becca Cosmetics. Becca Cosmetics is redefining what a no makeup, makeup look really means! The new line of zero pigment products like foundation and highlight allows you to put your best face forward without all the pigmentation. No more finding your right shade because this universal product will flatter every skin tone and every skin type. This offers a silicon free, ultra moisturizing, mattifying, and smooth look!

I have featured these in a tutorial that I filmed recently for youtube. You can find my whole tutorial and review below. You’ll be able to see how the foundation leaves my skin hydrated, matte, and reduces the look of redness while the zero pigment highlight adds a natural glow and dewy shine to the face. This routine is perfect for those with mature skin, looking for a more natural look, or want to improve the look of their skin with more hydrating and skin friendly products. I can’t stress this enough, they do not contain silicon!

Products featured:

You can check out my video above from my youtube Nix92585 where I share my routine in action! If you aren’t already, please be sure to subscribe! You can also find more beauty and lifestyle content on my Instagram @Recycledstardust and fashion content at @Fabulouslystardust!

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