I can write love songs and poetry about how much I love summer. How it feels like a breakup every time the season ends. I could run your ear off telling you how much I hate colder weather and snow. BUT! Fall, holds a special place in my heart. Its a beautiful season. It has charm, it has soul, it is the only season that shows us its beautiful to let go and to change. Change doesn’t stop at just the leaves though!

It is a bit of common knowledge that cosmetics expire. Either they expire because the ingredients expire, they are old, they are out dated, or your skin, body, use for them has changed. Every season we should evaluate what we use and adjust for our current needs. Using the same products and expecting year round results doesn’t always go our way. I am here to share with you some of my upgrades, changes, what I’m trying new, and what I am tossing!


For the Summer season, I was wearing lots of different floral perfumes but for fall I am upgrading to woody scents, deeper scents and different ways of applying them!

If you are more of a classic traditionalist when it comes to fragrance, this is one to try! The Givenchy Irresistible starts off with notes of sparkling pear and ends on a woody and musk note. Its warm, sensual, and something I can’t stop reaching for. This scent is long wearing so try it for day wear or night wear.

If you reached for body mists all summer, upgrade to Cheirosa ’71 Body Fragrance Mist. This is warm and tasty! It starts off with notes of caramelized vanilla, middle notes of white chocolate, and ends strong with tonka bean and coconut blossom. If you love sweet scents that will remind you of nights by the warm fire and holiday baked goods or if were reaching for Brazilian Crush all summer, this is your ultimate upgrade!

Ditch perfume and body mists altogether this fall! Upgrade to Kay Ali Deja Vu White Flower 57 Hair Mist. Not only will your hair be smelling like warm, sultry tuberose and Sri Lankan sandalwood but it will also be ultra hydrated with aloe vera and caster oil! So harsh cold winds won’t dry your hair!


I am trying to support more brands that stand for what I believe in! Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous, female owned brand that is not only striving for more sustainable products – their mailer cards can even be planted! – but the creator of this brand Jenn Harper donates 10% of profits to the First Nations Children & Family Caring Society! I am all about trying new shades for fall and purchasing from brands that stand for something more! Plus, as a native myself, its nice to see representation!

This one isn’t beauty, but it deserved a mention! This year, since buying a house, I have come to learn that every time I clean, I am making a big decision. Do I want hash chemicals all over my house, or do I want something more natural for my children and the environment. I signed up for Grove and get monthly deliveries from my favorite brands like Meyers! I just got my shipment in of all the new holiday scents. These are garden inspired, cruelty free, made with essential oils and other thoughtful ingredients, plus they are recyclable! No more harsh bleaches and fumes in my house.

I mentioned this Derma E Anti-Aging Set in my more recent YouTube videos! I have been breastfeeding for a little over a year now and it hasn’t exactly been kind to my skin! I have had lots of hormonal acne around my chin area. I recently started to use this kit and have seen amazing results. Making a skincare routine change can feel scary or even overwhelming, but remember, it will be worth it. This set is incredibly gentle, hydrates the skin, and rebalances the skin. It was perfectly kind to my sensitive skin.

What’s New:

Applying lashes aren’t always the easiest- but what if I told you you can do both your liner and lashes in one step! I have started to use the new Eylure Line and Lash because it allows me to stick my lashes right to my liner. Its precise and comes in both black and clear. Also, its a huge time savor.

I love the scents and flavors of the fall season! Buxom’s new Full-on Fall Gloss Lip Cream and Polish smell like pumpkin spice latte and apple cider. The soft, sheer nude shades are perfect to pair with smokey eye looks and 90’s inspired plaid. They plump up lips while leaving them ultra hydrated.

The new Huda Haze Palette’s are perfect for any fall eye look. There are three options to choose from: Purple Haze, Sand Haze, and Khaki Haze (pictured above). They feature buttery smooth shades that apply flawlessly and blend out perfectly. I love this shade range for fall and as a new take on nudes.

What I’m Tossing:

I really wanted to love magnetic lashes. They are a brilliant idea and they eliminate all the mess of glue, but they do come with some draw backs. First, you have to apply the liner 3 times to get it to work. If you aren’t good at doing your liner, or don’t feel comfortable layering it on, you may find this a bit tedious. The magnets work amazingly… at first. I found their wear to not be as long wearing as other lashes and I found them lifting up and taking the liner with them. If you’re looking for lashes for an event or a quick look with no glue these are for you, otherwise I should Line and Lash also by Eylure mentioned above.

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo! As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to wash my hair everyday and need something for in-between washes. The Tresemme Between Washes just didn’t work as I wanted it to. It left my hair feeling wet, weighed down, and I don’t feel like it absorbed much of the oil in my hair. Instead, I am reaching more for John Freida Day 2 Revival Dry Shampoo. There are other products like the Wave Refresh Spray that I am also a huge fan of this fall!

I am ditching the Donut chain this fall, and possibly forever after a horrible incident. I recently went there for drive through and found the employees not wearing masks or gloves. When asked to pull into the drive through so they could bring us our food, we politely refused due to their lack of protection. We were harassed, yelled at and overall treated poorly as they held our order hostage and threatened police action. Dunkin’ only addressed the issue after my TikTok followers tagged them repeatedly and aggressively but the issue was never properly handle or resolved. I now make my own Greek Frappe style coffees at home and use my Nespresso. Not only am I saving money, but I know my health isn’t at risk!

If you’d like to see a fall tutorial feating some of the products I mentioned above, check out my video below!


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