During any given week, I need a certain amount of down time. I have 2 kids, a 7 bedroom house to clean, a “somewhat” full time job – even though its not paying at the moment due to COVID, and have panic disorder and OCD. Time out isn’t just a luxury, its a must for my mental health. Self care can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and today I want to tell you what it means to me.

Self care starts with dedicating time. Often when children act up, out of not understanding how to deal with frustration, we give them a time out. For ourselves, we bottle it up until it forms int an ulcer or even worse cancer. It isn’t just an, in theory, luxury that “Instagram” mom’s talk about. It is an important part of sustaining a healthy mental attitude and healthy physical body. You day may not look the same as mine, so even just a few moments or a time out vs. a mini getaway can do wonders.

I am a firm believer in deep breathing, positive affirmations, and doing something good for yourself. Everyday I talk, openly and outwardly, just to put in motion the idea that this day will be a good day regardless of the things I can’t control. You can try meditation, reading, jogging, yoga, warm bath, candles, anything that brings you a moment of peace. Sitting listening to crickets or birds, drinking lots of water, and treating myself to a skincare routine every day is all a need for a little self care.

I did mention I am a mother of 2, didn’t I? I may film videos for instagram, and youtube, but my real life routine isn’t as always clean cut. Some days I’m taking off my makeup while sitting on the toilet with an audience of my children, other days I am in front of the camera talking about and applying a full step by step routine. It is all about balance. At the end of the day that moment where I pamper myself, even if I am just taking off my makeup, feels like heaven and gives me a calmness and a serenity.

Skincare isn’t one size fits all. You can find products that work for your skin, your scent preference, your time, and also price. When I think about my time out skincare, my self care skincare, my number one preference is to go with products that contain lavender. As much as I would adore a warm bath with lavender candles and a 20 minuet face mask, its just not always possible, but a 2 minuet moisturizer with lavender and honey like the one from Wishful Skin, is. Removing my makeup before bed with Bliss Wipes and applying an Anna Sui hand cream not only make me feel more relaxed but also like I’ve ended the day on a good note. I feel like I am doing something that my future self will thank me for.


Regardless of what your selfcare looks like, wether its time out for a good book, yoga, listening to music or skincare, make sure you are taking the time for yourself. A little goes a long way and the love we give ourselves has long lasting effects. When we care for ourselves, we.care better for others thought more thoughtful interactions, more understanding mindsets, and a brighter outlook.

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