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Cannot Be Tamed Blouse with Hold Me Tight Bodycon Pencil Skirt 

I love to pull out patterns and textured fabrics during the end of fall and the holiday season. While temperatures get a little colder, styles certainly heat up! Plus size tends to get the back burner treatment, but Soncy doesn’t feel it should! With affordable, trendy, and fashionable pieces in sizes 10-30, it is the ultimate destination for holiday opulence. You can save 15$ off any purchase if you use my promo code StardustxSoncy


Cannot Be Tamed Blouse with Hold Me Tight Bodycon Pencil Skirt 

Casual days, walking among the leaves don’t have to be basic! The Hold Me Tight Bodycon Pencil Skirt with tie detail hugs the body while keeping you warm. Pair with your favorite t-shirt, sweater or even a Cannot Be Tamed Blouse leopard print tie blouse. Add layers like a fluffy scarf, or booties for everyday or a pair of heels and a gold necklace for some unexpected glam.


For the ultimate holiday party look, Coming In Red Hot Wrap Knee-Length Dress adds just the right amount of sizzle. This low cut, high rise, soft cranberry velvet wrap dress is comfortable and effortless. This is a true wrap that will accentuate your waist while giving the hourglass look. The fabric is both soft and lightly starchy so you’ll feel comfortable all night long!

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