As a beauty lover, a certified cosmeholic, as I like to refer to myself, I thought I knew everything there was to know about beauty and skincare, that is, until I became pregnant! Aside from the typical guidelines of “don’t eat raw meat”, “don’t sleep on your back”, “stay away from cat litter”, and “don’t dye your hair”, I thought I was pretty on track to a healthy pregnancy. It wasn’t until I visited the Green Spa, located at 8804 3rd avenue in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, that I learned there is so much more to beauty, skincare, nail care, and even body wellness, while pregnant!


I had previously visited the spa for a pre-natal facial earlier on in my pregnancy, it was then that I learned how important it is to be especially mindful when considering spa serbs, but also, overall skincare products. Opting for more natural, vegan, and organic products, like those from the Legend of the Spa line, are beneficial to your skin and also your baby to be. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it absorbs everything! While you may have previously enjoyed a harsh chemical peel (guilty) or product with Salicylic Acid and retinol (double guilty), these ingredients are now no-no’s once you see that little double pink line. The Green Spa is mindful to these exceptions, and tailors their pre-natal offerings to suit mom to be in all ways. This is why I had to come back and check out their other pre-natal offerings.


The Pre-natal massage is offered in both 60 and 90 minuet intervals and allows mom’s to be to experience relaxation, relief from swelling, back pain, tensions, and address specific concerns. Each massage is tailored and adjusted for you and designed to give you the most comfort. It can be enjoyed in any trimester, will not induce labor (unless you ask!), nor will it cause a miscarriage. There is a specific level of training that is given to those preforming a pre-natal massage, so you are always in the most skilled hands.


Products used during the massage come from the Legend of the Spa line and contain organic, all natural ingredients. They are formulated with therapeutic grade oils, which are diluted to ensure no scent aversions for mom to be. For this massage I chose lavender as it has calming and relaxing properties. The main difference between a pre-natal massage and a regular massage is the attention to pregnancy concerns.


When you first lay down, your legs and feet are checked for swelling as the Green Spa is known for its focus on wellness. Swelling often occurs when there isn’t proper circulation, so legs are important to pay mind to while pregnant. Pressure on the legs has to be specifically applied in that if it is too harsh, it can cause blood clots. Emily, my massage therapist, was informative and mindful to this, and used soft pressure focusing on the lymphatic  system. Soft touches and light pressure promote circulation, drainage, and reabsorption for the lymph glands.


Personally, my biggest concerns concerns were upper back pain, foot pain, neck pain, and swelling. Typical massages require a laying on the back or stomach position, but support was given to both raise the feet and comfortably lay on the side. Even when massaging of the upper back occurred, I was able to comfortably rest my body on my side while still receiving proper pressure. No matter the trimester, you can be comfortably pampered and massaged while promoting the wellness of your body. If you’d like to see a full question and answer session with Emily, please check out my Youtube video here.


While at The Green Spa, I had to check out the pre-natal pedicure since I will be traveling to Los Angeles. I waned my toes to look their best but without all the harsh chemicals. My biggest question was, whats the difference between a pedicure and a pre-natal pedicure? I have always been one that opted for the cheapest pedicure without really paying attention to what was being applied. Many salons don’t even tell you what they are applying to your feet or legs as they reach for bottles with no labels!


Many nail polishes contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, Toluene, and Camphor – all of which are toxic and can be absorbed by nail beds and lungs when vapors are breathed in. All polishes from The Green Spa are toxin free and offer the same beautiful glossy, smooth look. I oped for the shade Love & Happiness by SpaRitual. There is an extensive line of shades by SpaRitual available at the spa.


As mentioned prior, massage of the legs is important to be mindful of during a pre-natal massage, the same mindfulness during the pre-natal massage is given during the pedicure. A brand new ball technique is used to apply soft, acupuncture type pressure to the a calves and feet. Legend Of The Spa chocolate peppermint scrub was applied to the legs and feet to remove dead skin cells and callouses while also leaving skin silky smooth. This was followed by a lavender mask  applied to the legs as well. If you love masking the face, just imagine how lovely it is to have applied to your legs and feet!


While waiting for my polish to dry, I couldn’t help but admire the luxurious yet peaceful atmosphere. I felt so relaxed and at peace as I sipped on the Red Sun Legend of the Spa tea, which is offered before and during any services. Trickling water, salt lamps, and soothing music played through the spa like an oasis get away. You’d never believe you were in Brooklyn after stepping trough the doors!


Once my polish was dry, I headed to the front of the sore which features an entire beauty and skincare section. All products are natural and non toxic. Browse the in house brand, Legend of the Spa, for skincare, tools, tea, and even candles or check out brands like SpaRituals polish and Coola Skincare. The beauty section is like like a mini non-toxic Sephora- there are testers available and helpful staff to shade match you and give you additional information on any product. You are able to purchase products and also are given recommendations based on your concerns during your services.


Even if you aren’t currently expecting, the Green Spa offers many other services such as the new CBD massage, Medical Acne facial for teens,  Duo Massage for couples, Bridal skincare with diamond Microdermabrasion, makeup applications, foot massage, and even waxing hair removal. There is something for everyone! If you would like to book a service, I have paterned with the Green Spa, use promo code Recycledstardust and save 10% off your next service!


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