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The Visually Impaired Blogger

  To be a beauty and fashion blogger and content creator requires a certain vision. It all centers around our intuition of style and esthetic. Anyone can open a vogue and follow a trend but it’s the unique spin and the individual personalty that really elevates and separates those with vision from those without. Gaining that insight isn’t always easy, it goes beyond what we … Read More The Visually Impaired Blogger


Dia & Co – The Personal Stylist for the Plus Size Woman

I want to start this off rather blunt, you aren’t going to find cutesy, curated, pictures of me on my white couch, in my well lit living room, gleefully pulling clothes out of my perfectly tape free Dia & Co box. Quite frankly, I’m a mess, no one would ever allow me to buy a white couch, and I still have not gotten my … Read More Dia & Co – The Personal Stylist for the Plus Size Woman


Holiday Opulence with Soncy

Promo code- StardustxSoncy for 15$ off ANY order I love to pull out patterns and textured fabrics during the end of fall and the holiday season. While temperatures get a little colder, styles certainly heat up! Plus size tends to get the back burner treatment, but Soncy doesn’t feel it should! With affordable, trendy, and fashionable pieces in sizes 10-30, it is the ultimate … Read More Holiday Opulence with Soncy


Shine Bright with Lane Bryant

Holiday style made easy with Lane Bryant


You’re The Apple of My Eye

I ask myself one question every autumn and that is “Is it really autumn yet if I haven’t gone apple picking?” I am not one of these people who gets hype over pumpkin spice lattes or the cooler weather, but give me an apple orchid and that all changes. Every year, I head upstate to Maskers Orchids and pick a huge bag of apples! … Read More You’re The Apple of My Eye


A Little Bit of Soncy In My Life

So if you guessed that the title of this entry is a nod to the 90’s one hit wonder, Lou Bega, you’d be correct! I can’t entirely explain why I was compelled to reference him, but maybe its because Soncy makes me feel just a little sexier, a little more confident, and with all the sass of a Lou Bega lady. Soncy is the … Read More A Little Bit of Soncy In My Life


Should You Pony Up for the New My Little Pony Makeup Collection by Pür Cosmetics?

Not A One Trick Pony   If there is one thing that I can guarantee, it would be that by the end of this entry you will have learned nearly every possible horse and pony pun. I promise its not all horsing around though! After the success of their Trolls Movie collection, Pür Cosmetics has released another new line inspired by an 80’s/90’s beloved … Read More Should You Pony Up for the New My Little Pony Makeup Collection by Pür Cosmetics?


Moschino x Sephora – This is Not A Toy

  Its A Bear of A Collection When Sephora announced its collaboration with Moschino, the ever creative brand that has featured windex style perfume bottles and McDonalds inspired fashions, I rejoiced! Its aways such a pleasure when fashion brands cross the fine line into beauty since it usually translates to unique packaging, interesting shade combinations, and above all, collectable, limited edition items. This collection has proved … Read More Moschino x Sephora – This is Not A Toy

Reunited and It Feels So Good…

A look back at the last 8 years of creating content and the return to blogging