Not A One Trick Pony


IMG_2290If there is one thing that I can guarantee, it would be that by the end of this entry you will have learned nearly every possible horse and pony pun. I promise its not all horsing around though! After the success of their Trolls Movie collection, Pür Cosmetics has released another new line inspired by an 80’s/90’s beloved toy franchise. My Little Pony, yes, those adorable and colorful plastic pony toys from your childhood, have inspired a new makeup collection. So saddle up, hold on to the reins, and get ready to explore the rainbow that is My Little Pony.

As an avid fan of bright and bold shades, I was quite excited to see that this collection was just a bit bolder in comparison to the Trolls Movie Collection, which I had missed out on. The My Little Pony collection features brushes + makeup bag, glosses, a palette, and glow sticks, however, I opted to only purchase about half the collection. I can’t recall why, at the time, but I decided to skip on the rainbow themed, brushes, makeup bag, and most of the glosses. I want to believe that these brushes are no one trick pony as every Pür Cosmetics brush I’ve ever owned has out performed their more expensive sisters. I believe I was simply was more interested in the actual cosmetics than the tools this time around.

A Horse Of A Different Color


There was certainly no foal-ing around when it came to the shade selection of the My Little Pony: The Movie Collection Eyeshadow Palette. These shades absolutely embody the imagery, the soul, and the overall brightness that is My Little Pony. This palette contains 16 shades and is slightly bigger than the size of a hand. While the outer packaging of the palette is quite bold, the palette itself is a simplistic white with a holographic logo on the cover. This palette lets its shades be bold rather than just the packaging.


The mix of matte, satin, and shimmer shadows is refreshingly beautiful and would stand out among any collection of naturals or nudes. This palette, unlike the Trolls palette, features brighter summer/spring shades. Little Pony’s don’t abide by the seasonal rules and neither should you!  The shades were soft and smooth to work with but there was a bit of fallout.  The purple  shade (Magic) was a bit under pigmented – but blended amazingly, as did all the shades. These were very easy to layer, build up or sheer out. Even the bolder shades like Pinkie Pie and Tempest Shadow were easy to work with. There are enough softer shades to balance out the bolder shades so that you can create a softer look or a full on stand-out look. I prefer to apply the matte shades with a fluffy brush and the satin/shimmer shades with a denser brush. To make these shades more intense I used my finger or applied them wet. These swatches are sans primer but a primer would intensify them. I prefer to layer shades as a way of priming and reach for Generosity as my all over the lid shade before starting any look. I achieved about 5-10 hours depending, the lighter shades faded much quicker while the bolder shades lasted much longer. Primer will also elongate the wear. None of these shades creased.


Straight From The Horses Mouth


As for the glosses, there are many more in the set than shown here. I, however, decided that two was my limit. I tend to trot toward the drier variety of lip products, often coating my lips in matte shades that won’t budge until a nuclear bomb drops or I decide to eat the greasiest Big Mac. Gloss just doesn’t have the type of commitment I’m looking for, so I usually swipe left.


The My Little Pony: The Movie Glitter Lip Gloss Topper’s were just as glossy as a show pony’s mane. The concept of a more subtle lip when paired with such a bright shadow palette was well planned. It is always ideal to play up either your eyes or your lips, usually not both. When wearing these on their own I was reminded of the texture of a liquid lipstick. These certainly did not feel like just a topper. You can, of course, add a bit of sparkle and shine to any lipstick with these toppers. I swatched these sans base. The formula wasn’t too thin or too slick. It clung to the lips nicely without feeling sticky or tacky. They do transfer and you will only get about 2-3 hours wear with them, less if you’re eating. They have such beautiful shift that adds dimension to the lip, plus, the shimmer doesn’t feel grainy or noticeable during wear. Based on the quality and versatilely, I believe these are absolutely worth adding to your collection. It is also worth noting that no bleeding occurred, however, there was a bit of light feathering, and minimal settling into the fine lines of the lips.

A Pony Tale

No look is complete without completely glowing to the lords. Even if you don’t share my affinity for an absolutely blinding highlight, you care surely appreciate the glow and shift of the My Little Pony: The Movie Magic of Friendship 3-Piece All-in-One Glow Stick Kit. Holographic clothing may be a passing fad, for a second time, but bright eyes will never go out of style. These holographic, shade shifting, glow sticks can be used

the highlight horse

Señor Highlight Horse

in anyway your heart desires, seriously! As I was playing around with this products I realized that these had more glow than the highlight horse, and will have you swooning. These make the perfect inner corner or brow bone highlight. They work to prime the eye for shimmery shades. You can even use these on the lips to add a holographic touch to any lipstick. While they are a bit stiff for cheek wear, you can make them work by applying short strokes on the cheek and blending with a brush. You will have a truly 90s holographic glow!



Shades featured: – Cheerful (Iridescent Pink with Gold Shift) – Blissful (Holographic Iridescent Blue with Pink Shift) – Joyful (Iridescent White with Blue Lavender Shift
I didn’t find these to crease and I got about 6-8 hours of wear.

Hot to Trot

I have created a bold, cool toned, eye look paired with glowing cheeks and glossy lips. This look embodies this collection in a wearable way. If you would like to see more looks, please be sure to follow me on instagram.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Primer- @kevynaucoin #kevynaucoin The Celestial Skin liquid lightening to add a dewy and summery glow to my skin. I mixed this into my foundation and also applied it as a primer.
Foundation- @maybelline #maybelline#maybellinefitmefoundation In 220
Highlight- @purcosmetics My Little Pony: The Movie Magic of Friendship 3-Piece All-in-One Glow Stick Kit in Blissful topped with shadow shade Twilight Sparkle Brows- @benefitcosmetics@benefitcanada #benefitcosmeticsGimme Brow, Goof Proof Pencil, Ka-Brow Eyebrow cream gel
Contour- @kevynaucoin #auCOiNTOURBook of Contour 2 Sculpting cream applied on hollows of cheeks, sides of nose and outer forehead. Applied sculpting powder over with a fluffy face brush.
Shadow- @purcosmetics My Little Pony: The Movie Collection Eyeshadow Palette – Generosity all over lid as a base (this helps to intensify other shades and help them last longer), Pinkie Pie applied to outer v and crease. I used a fluffy brush and I applied this shade in sheer layers to build up. It made it easier to get a gradation since I used this also as a transitional shade. Magic was applied on the outer v, outer lid, and lower lash line. I applied rainbow dash using my finger to the inner lid, inner corner, and inner lower lash line. Twilight Sparkle was applied to the brow bone.
Lashes- @shophudabeauty @hudabeauty#hudabeauty #shophudabeauty Noelle lashes
Liner- @absnyproducts #absnyproductsInk Pen Liner
Lips- @purcosmetics My Little Pony: The Movie Glitter Lip Gloss Topper in Applejack


Have you picked up this collection? Passed? Love or hate, leave some comments!


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