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So if you guessed that the title of this entry is a nod to the 90’s one hit wonder, Lou Bega, you’d be correct! I can’t entirely explain why I was compelled to reference him, but maybe its because Soncy makes me feel just a little sexier, a little more confident, and with all the sass of a Lou Bega lady.

Push Your Buttons Mini Dress

Push Your Buttons Mini Dress

Soncy is the new kid on the block of the plus size fashion industry and they’ve hit the ground running! This trendy, inclusive, comfortable, and wearable brand helps to fill the gap that most retailers don’t even think exists. When shopping, I tend to notice my options are either grandma or “can you see my whooha if I bend over?” Sometimes, a girl just wants to be sexy, classy, and edgy without all the coverup or loss of fabric.

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Dusty Roads Ahead Tie Waist Jacket

While many brands tend to start their lines at 1x/14/16 and end at 3x/22/24, Soncy is a bit more inclusive. This line is available in sizes 10-30, so it covers even the in-betweeners! You’re not quite plus size, but you can’t exactly size up from other brands, Soncy has you covered.

You’re Royalty Asymmetrical Sleeve Maxi Dress

You’re Royalty Asymmetrical Sleeve Maxi Dress

Soncy allows you to express your personal style and chose options that really flatter your body. There are choices for apples, pears, hourglass, and even rectangle. While most plus brands focus on the bootylicious customer only, Soncy caters to all. I am an apple shape, and I have fallen head over heels with these options!

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Dots All Folks Faux-Wrap Dress

Another perk, like Sephora and other brands, Soncy offers a VIB option. While you do have to buy into it, its 40$ a year, gives you free shipping and returns, and up to 30% off of everything! This can be combined wth sales and other promotions as well, so it helps you to achieve maxim discount! I opted in as soon as I discovered the brand, and I’ve saved hundreds in just two orders!

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Their new fall line is nothing short of stunning! I have shared some of my favorite pieces below. If you’d like to check out any of these pieces, be sure to use promo code StardustxSoncy to save 15$ off any purchase. This code will be in effect for all holiday sales this month!

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Are you excited about holiday shopping? Be sure to follow me on instagram @Recycledstardust so you can stay up to date on all of Soncy‘s sales as well as take a peak at what I’m picking up!

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I Am A Golden Goddess Maxi Dress

This post contains affiliate content. I both received pieces complimentary as well as bought some on my own.

Soncy Promo code StardustxSoncy to save 15$ off any purchase.

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