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Getting Stoned

Your outlook on the world, its origins, and even the afterlife say a lot about you. Do you follow a carefully created plan or do you let the universe guide you? Do you believe in energy work? Spirituality? Are you more rooted in realism, science, and logic? Wherever you fall on that spectrum can make you negative, positive, neutral, or realist. I fall somewhere … Read More Getting Stoned

Fall Makeup Trends 2020 – Jewel Tone Shadows

You know it’s officially fall when Starbucks brings back its PSL, you feel that soft cool breeze blow by, and suddenly that 9pm sunset is at 6. It’s the time of year when we get cozy. We pull out our favorite sweaters, our cozy scarves, and even switch up our beauty routines! Jewel tones are perfect for fall eye looks. Pops of emerald, sapphire, … Read More Fall Makeup Trends 2020 – Jewel Tone Shadows

This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Saying that purple is one of my favorite colors is an understatement. My office is purple, my first car was purple, my wedding’s only theme was PURPLE! So of course, when Urban Decay, one of my long time favorite brands came out with a purple themed palette as part of their Naked collection, I was beyond elated. This collection of 12 neutral and purple … Read More This Urban Decay is ULTRAVIOLET

Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!

It is crazy to think about how far makeup trends have come. Just a few years ago we were all told bake, cake, and layer on tons of products in complicated instagram routines. I am so guilty of this both then and now! In 2020 we’ve seen a shift to less complicated routines and makeup looks. Natural beauty, 70’s/90’s esthetic, showing off freckles and … Read More Invisible Makeup? Yep It’s a thing!