Shoe Shopping is Finally For Everyone with Customized Shoes from Shoes of Prey

Shoe shopping! Nearly every girl can imagine the first time she walked into the wonderland that is the shoe store. Tugging at her mothers arm, trying on new pairs, checking to see how much her foot had grown since the last time. These are the memories that my mind congers up as i think back to my early days of carefree ,shoe shopping, that is, before the wool was pulled over my eyes and I discovered something rather grim. The shoe store doesnt exactly cater to all ladies.

They say act your age not your shoe size! Well, by the time I was 11 years old, I was a size 11! While my friends pranced around in cute little shoes- I had to wear the kind you would see on a middle aged woman heading to the office in a beige suit. It was disheartening to say the least. Options didn’t improve as i aged. Shopping became a chore. I was isolated to the end of shoe isles where all sense of style goes to die. More often than not, I would shove my feet, painfully, into shoes a size or two, too small and wear them until my feet bleed. The stuggle was certainly real. After years of suffering, I have finally found a shoe store that caters to me!

Shoes of Prey is an online shoe store that has sizes 2-15 with width from narrow to extra wide. Not only do they have shoes for everyone, you can design your own shoes. Heel, boot, flat, sole, trim, leather, satin, lace! You name it, they have it! It is a shoe lovers dream!

I am a size 11 extra wide width and I had the oppertunity to work with this amazing brand and try their service. I loved being able to design my own shoes. My sense of style is somewhat out of the box and slightly wild. I am, what i like to call, early Cindy Lauper meets modern chic. I am a whild child and i love to make a statment! Even if i didn’t hace issues with size, I’ve always had some issues when it came to stye. So many designs felt boreing, mundane, repetatve. I loved being able to create something uniquly me! If you’re in a rush, you can also shop pre-designed shoes.

When you first navagate the website, you will be asked to take a quiz. This quiz is designed to help you and guide you to the right fit. You are then able to choose a template for your shoe and begin the customization! I created two shoes with very different deisgns.


The first pair i created are Savoca 114 . I was so excited when i was creating these! For some, they may appear flashy or gaudy, but for me, they are perfect. I love a bit of flash and I the design elements of the 80’s. Lots of details, lots of wow factor, lots of flash. These shoes contain pink silk, black lace, a black glitter heel, black soles, white paten leather bow with black patten leather cetner. I also opted to design these with a soft powder blue lining. These are perfect to pair with a little black dress and nothing more! These shoes steal the show.


My second pair, I aimed for a more editoral fall look. These are hunter green leather ballerina flats with yellow snake skin accents! They mix feminen deisgn with edgy textile. They will be perfect for fall and match well with brown, rust, beige, mustard, white, and of course black. I would eve wear these on a casual day with jeans.

If youre looking for something in just your size with a unique flair you absolutly have to check out

I recieved these shoes complimentry, all opinons are 100% my own.

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